Job Title : QA Engineer

Location : : Washington, NY 11050

Skill Set : Selenium, TestNG, Maven, Jenkins, TeamCity, (TFS), (SVN), VersionOne, JIRA, SQL Server, HTTP Client, JAX-RS, XML, HTML, CSS, Eclipse, PuTTY, WinSCP, Gherkin

Education : a Bachelor's degree or its equivalent in Computer Information Systems or a closely related field

Specific Job Responsibilities :

  • Create story files, step files and story runner class using Jbehave framework.
  • Carry out API testing using HTTP client for RESTfulwebservices.
  • UseJAVA as a programming language in order to write functional logics.
  • Use different types of HTTP methods like GET, POST, PUT and DELETE.
  • Perform marshalling and unmarshalling the Json strings using Jackson ObjectMapper.
  • Convert Java classes to Json strings using JAX-RS.
  • Assert the values from API response against the expected response that are given on the story file example table using JUnit Assertions.
  • Carry out DB testing (backend testing) using SQL queries and stored procedures by getting the data from DB2.
  • Extract data from external Excel files using Apache POI and loaded into the variables in the scripted code to assert against actual data.
  • PerformSystem Testing, Integration Testing, Functional and Regression Testing.
  • ConfigureTeamCity built job for continues integration and also for regression testing.
  • Implement automation using Jbehave, JAVA, HTTP client, JAX-RS, JAXB and TeamCity

How to Apply: Fax Resume to Friendly Consultants Inc. at 800-471-9415.